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Panorama is the first real roller shutter with orientable blinds. It combines the qualities of an conventional shutter with the advantages of an modern sunblind.
+ More light
+ More air
+ Transparency
+ Sun protection

Panorama Plus
The product variant Panorama Plus provides in addition to the orientable blinds the comfort of an integrated insect screen.
+ Insect screen
Large light and air openings
The large light and air openings of the Panorama profiles can be opened up to 50% for the incidence of light and air.
Advantages of innovative orientable blinds
Panorama gives sun protection and provides a good transparency for view outside.

The wide openings for air and light allow the incidence of a lot of indirect daylight and provide a good circulation of air.

Optional it provides the comfort of an integrated insect screen.
Qualities of a conventional roller shutter
In the closed position Panorama has a heat insulting effect. It provides protection against bad weather conditions and gives a visual cover.

It has a sound-damping effect and contributes an additional resistance against burglary.
High energy efficiency
The combination of the features of sun protection and heat insulation of conventional roller shutters let Panorama give an efficient contribution to the saving of energy.
Plus (optional)