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Shutter samples
Shutter samples of our products Panorama (Plus), Panorama Combi (Plus) or Panorama Modul (Plus) for exhibition purposes we can offer you with a special discount of 25% on the current purchase price lists.

The shutter samples also often suit in existing exhibition samples.

The shutter shields can be equipped totally or partly with an integrated insect screen to be able to show customers the Plus product variant.

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Rack sample
We offer rack samples of the product Panorama (Plus) or Panorama Combi (Plus)in the dimensions of about 45 x 47 cm for a cost price of 49,- €/pcs. They consist of a roller shutter shield in white and a rack made of guide rails in EV1 Eloxal.

The lower part of the rack sample is made as Plus product variant with integrated insect screen.

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Profile samples
Profile samples of the innovative Panorama profiles as left and right roller with partly integrated insect screen are available for free up to a certain amount.
Product brochures of the products Panorama (Plus) and Panorama Combi (Plus) are available for free up to a certain amount.
Custom-made brochures
If you are interested in product brochures with our own company logo and your address or individually design brochures, we can inform you about all possibilities and arising costs.

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Here you can find downloads of our digital graphics in printable resolution, which you can freely use on your homepage or in your documents.

> Graphics in JPEG format < (300 dpi)
> Graphics in TIF format < (300 dpi)